Identity Matters

Identity Matters

A Case for Impeccable Design

We are visually sophisticated creatures. And whether we’re professional designers, bankers, or baristas, we know good design when we see it.

Even so, we sometimes neglect our own visual identities. To the detriment of our businesses. Our creativity. And our confidence.

I’d like to make a case for impeccable design—and take you on a quick trip to Paris. (Hope you brought your passport.)

You’ve been invited to the gala event of the season. A night at The Louvre. Lights. Camera. Action. Everyone—and I mean everyone—is going to be there. Journalists. Fans. Potential clients, galore. The crème de la crème of your visionary tribe.

You’ve got one moment—one opportunity—to make an unforgettable impression.

Are you going to wear your comfy old t-shirt, straight from the gym?
A designer skirt—with a mismatched top + scuffed-up heels?
That formal suit that doesn’t quite fit anymore, and makes it hard to breathe?

Or…a thoughtfully-tailored ensemble, designed to your impeccable standards?
An outfit that makes you stand up a bit straighter, flash your eyes, and command attention?
One that highlights your most powerful qualities, and elevates the experience of basking in your presence?

As an entrepreneur, your visual identity—your website, social media pages, business cards + promotional collateral—serves precisely the same purpose as that haute couture attire. And when you’re building an online presence, every day is a gala event.

As your Creative Director + Identity Designer, my role is to translate your spirit onto the screen, with impeccable visuals that showcase your talents — and illuminate your potential.

Design is a powerful tool.
It can transform how you’re perceived.
It can bring confidence, conviction + clarity of spirit.
It can attract opportunities, access + critical acclaim.
It can carry you precisely where you want to go — whether your destination is a chic Parisian gala, the NY Times bestseller list, an international speaking tour, or the helm of a thriving business.

So … where do YOU want to go?

Get started with my IDENTITY Quick Start Guide, and let’s get you there.