In Action

You + Me, In Action

You’re ready to book a VIP (Visual Identity Package). You’re grinning. You’re spinning.
And you probably have a handful of questions about how we’ll be working together.

Here’s the general flow, from first “hello” to the grand finale—
give or take a few unexpected flourishes along the way.

1 //  You email me using the VIP questionnaire. I adore you already.

2 //  I do a little reconnaissance work to explore you + your work, and determine if I’m the angel of creative vision you need.

3 //  I reply to your note with a suggested day + time for a Skype date, so we can explore your professional goals + visual identity – with an emphasis on your online presence + creative direction.

4 //  We chat about our potential collaboration. We’ll explore imminent opportunities, long-range vision, brands + style icons you admire, and the projects that are simmering backstage. If your project feels like a match, I put you in touch with my stellar web programmer, to do an assessment of your current and future site, and discuss any technical questions you may have.

5 //  We both say “Bravo! Let’s go…”. I send over an invoice for a $1,000 deposit, along with a contract and policies overview.

6 //  Once the signed contract and deposit are received, your spot in my calendar is held, as a priority project, for a 3 month timeframe. I zap over the Identity Investigation questionnaire (which helps us drill down to the gems of your new visual identity) + your Website Workbook (so we’re prepped and ready-to-go by the time your start date arrives).

7 //  As our start date nears, I’ll be in touch to set up a “touch base” call – to go over your ID questionnaire answers, photography, copy, and anything else that’s bubbled up since we first chatted.

8 //  After our live, one-on-one call, we’ll communicate primarily via email/Basecamp (much more efficient than telepathy). I’ll design, and send options. You’ll react, and send feedback. We’ll polish your presence like a gem, til it glows.

9 //  At the 2-month mark, your website design will be passed off to my web developer, who will bring your identity online. As she’s working in tandem with us, we’ll polish up all other items from your Visual Identity Package.

10 //  One month – six weeks later, when we’re done, we’ll celebrate. (Champagne is mandatory. Crying is optional.)

 Let’s get this party started!